Today’s diverse wastewater sources demand a new approach to separate large concentrations of solids in oily water.

Separating free and dispersed (not emulsified) oil from water is fairly straightforward and easy to do.  Separation becomes more complicated, however, when there is an increased amount of settleable and suspended solids present in the oily water.  Under these conditions, typical coalescing approaches (Stokes Law, laminar flow, and a Reynolds number of less than 500) do not sufficiently achieve optimal performance of the separator. The presence of solids will adversely affect the performance of the separation process due to frequent plugging, which requires substantial maintenance and increased downtime, and results in lower return on your investment.


UNIPACK-Plus has a corrugated, cross-flow design.

To solve this dilemma, Hydro Quip developed UNIPACK-Plus – an easy-to-maintain, highly efficient coalescing media that separates oil, settleable solids, and suspended solids from wastewater without plugging.

Unlike other coalescing media, the UNIPACK-Plus features a cross-flow, corrugated plate design.  It allows the solids to fall to the trough on the topside of the plate below and the oil to rise to the trough on the underside of the plate above.  The design also prevents the oil and the solids from remixing after they are separated. Because the plates are unobstructed, the solids slide freely down the troughs making this media non-plugging and easy to maintain with little to no downtime.

The UNIPACK-Plus works best with an oil water separator that has a hopper chamber, but Hydro Quip can also retrofit an existing flat bottom unit to accommodate for higher solids content.

UNIPACK-Plus is just one of a wide variety of coalescing media that Hydro Quip offers to best fit your application. For more than two decades, Hydro Quip has helped solve efficiency problems for existing equipment that occur when the wastewater characteristics change. Selecting the right media not only results in cleaner wastewater, but helps reduce costly plugging and downtime. All the media we offer can be ordered with the oil water separator or to replace existing media.

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