Mobile Plate Clarifier

Mobile plate clarifier operating inside tank.

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Mobile Plate Clarifiers

The Hydro Quip Mobile Plate Clarifier uses inclined plate technology designed specifically for use in mobile treatment tanks (Frac Tanks).

Each module is designed for flow rates up to 200 gpm. Several modules can be incorporated for flexibility to handle higher flow rates.

The Mobile Plate Clarifier provides side entry into the plate pack creating a laminar flow pattern resulting in superior effluent quality (reducing incoming total suspended solids in some cases to less than 5 mg/l).

Mobile Plate Clarifiers

Our design introduces the raw water part way up the plate pack (as opposed to at its bottom), which creates a quiescent zone in the lower portion of the plates. This feature allows unhindered settling resulting in a more efficient unit.


  • Individual plates, 22 gage 304 stainless steel inclined plates allow corrosion free operation. Inclined plates are easily cleaned as opposed to chevrons or shaped plastics (diamonds, hexagons, etc).
  • Submerged Orifice Plate collectors are provided on either side of the plate pack to provide uniform effluent collection.
  • Corrosion-free materials, Mobile Plate Clarifier’s side walls are manufactured from 3/16” 304SS; inclined plates from 22 gage 304SS, supports from epoxy coated carbon steel structural sections.
  • Custom designed and in-house shop fabrication ensures maximum quality assurance control.


  • Sludge Dewatering for Municipal, Agricultural and Industrial
  • Clarification of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) at Construction Sites
  • Protection of Lakes and Streams from TSS
  • Mobile Pretreatment (prior to filtration)
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Surface Water Remediation