Because we design and build the equipment in-house, we have the flexibility to incorporate any design feature you need – without requiring additional time or costs. Our team will help you detemine the best solution, even for the most challenging locations and applications.

Above Ground Oil Water Separators

Flow rates up to 2000 GPM*

We offer a complete line of above ground oil water separators that meet or exceed API 421.

Hopper Oil Water Separators

Flow rates up to 2000 GPM*

Single or double hopper models are designed to collect settleable solids and DNAPL for easier removal.

Below Ground Oil Water Separators

Flow rates up to 3000 GPM*

Our unique design allows the system to be in laminar flow and increase the rise time of the oil, creating better separation.

Clarification Separators

Flow rates up to 900 GPM*

Recommended for any application with high concentrations of oil and settleable solids.

Inclined Plate Clarifiers

Flow rates up to 300 GPM, based on .25 GPM per sq.ft. of projected plate surface area*

Recommended for the precipitation and separation of solids from water.

Mobile Plate Clarifiers

Flow rates up to 200 GPM*

Inclined plate technology designed specifically for use in mobile treatment tanks (Frac Tanks).

Wash Rack Systems

We recommend an above ground pretreatment system to deal with settlable and suspended solids and dispersed oil in series with various recycke equipment.

NEEP ShallowTray Low Profile Air Strippers

Flow rates up to 1300 GPM*

Compact, efficient design strips a wide variety of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs).

Pack Tower Air Strippers

Flow rates up to 7500 GPM*

High air-to-water ratio makes it easier to remove more difficult contaminents such as ammonia.


Different from traditional corrugated and inclined plate coalescing media, HD Q-PAC offers the highest effective coalescing surface of any media on the marketplace. With all rounded elements, the entire surface area is available to support oil droplet coalescence.


Hydro Quip’s UNIPACK cross-fluted coalescing media specially designed to provide highly efficient liquid/liquid and liquid/solid separation.



Hydro Quip’s UNIPACK-Plus is a corrugated media specially designed to separate a high concentration of settleable and suspended solids in oily water.


Emulsion Separators

If your application has a chemical emulsion, mechanical emulsion, or soluble oil (micro emulsion), a standard oil water separator will not work. We offer three solutions for separating emulsions.

Custom Tanks

We offer a variety of custom design tanks that meet industry standards (UL 142, UL 58 or ASME):

  • Chemical Tanks
  • Mix Tanks
  • Media Storage Tanks
  • Pressure or Non-Pressure Rated Tanks