Clarification Separator

This Clarification Separator is a 75 gpm unit with 85-gallon single hopper.

Clarification Separator

A bead-blasted stainless steel Clarification Separator operating in the oil and gas industry.
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Clarification Separators

The Hydro Quip Clarification Separator is a horizontal gravity flow treatment system designed to separate settleable solids (specific gravity greater than water), suspended solids (specific gravity the same as water), and free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil.

The Clarification Separator is recommended for any application that has oil and a high concentration of settleable and suspended solids.

Our revolutionary design lowers the total cost of ownership of the entire water treatment system by:

  • preventing large amounts of solids (the number one reason for coalescing media failure) from entering into the coalescing chamber
  • eliminating the need of inefficient settling basins or frac tanks prior to the treatment process
  • decreasing the amount of carryover entering into the post-treatment process

Smaller Units

The smaller Clarification Separators have flow rates of 150gpm or less, and feature a single hopper.

Larger Units

The larger Clarification Separators have flow rates of 200gpm or above, and feature a double hopper.

Our Clarification Separator, when used in conjunction with posttreatment filtration, such as reverse osmosis (RO), dissolved air flotation (DAF) or electrocoagulation (EC), treats wastewater so it can be recycled or discharged.

Equipment Options

  • Relocating pipe fittings for easier installation
  • Provide registered P.E. stamped calculations for Reynolds Number, Stokes Law, seismic, structural and/ or drawings
  • Hinged covers with prop rods for ease of maintenance
  • Oil storage compartments
  • Float switches
  • Immersion heaters
  • Pump packages: Influent, Effluent and Oil/Sludge
  • Control Panel
  • Level Indicating Systems
  • Various types of skimmers
  • Sightglass Assemblies

Oil & Gas Applications

  • Onshore and Offshore Drilling Operations
  • Oil Refineries
  • Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Produced Water
  • Waste Oil Processing Facilities
  • Frac Water


Other Applications

  • Washing Applications
  • Industrial Applications