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Demo Units

Hydro Quip offers a few demo units to test out before investing in equipment.

The models currently being offered are:

Clarification Separators:

Models HQI-CS-10SS and HQI-CS-10SS-IP (with product storage tank). Pumps and plumbing are provided.

Approximate dimensions:

  • HQI-CS-10SS: 84″L x 28″W x 60″H
  • HQI-CS-10SS-IP: 84″L x 34″W x 60″H

For more info, see: Clarification Separators

Inclined Plate Clarifier:

Model CLA-40LP with mix and flocculation tank. Pump and plumbing is provided.

Approximate Total Skid Assembly dimensions:

  • CLA-40LP: 60″L x 84″W x 75″H

For more info, see: Inclined Plate Clarifiers


NEEP ShallowTray Air Stripper:

Model 2341-P with control panel and sightglass. Blower and discharge pump provided.

Approximate Total Skid Assembly dimensions:

  • 2341-P: 96”L x 53”W x 82”H

For more info, see: NEEP Air Strippers

Availability and Terms

Because of the limited amount of demo units available, they will be provided on a first come first served basis and may not be available to you right away. The first 30 days are free to test out, with the exception of the freight costs to ship to you and back to Hydro Quip, Inc. A refundable deposit of $500 is required prior to shipping demo unit.

After 30 days, a rental fee will be charged. All our demo units will be crated when shipped and need to remain crated during all transportation. Units need to be returned in the same crate it was shipped in and in the same condition as received, or deposit will not be refunded.

Please review our Demo Unit Agreement and Policy (below), which must be signed and returned before being placed in queue.