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Wash Rack Systems


The Problem

Below ground oil water separators are not our preferred treatment solution for washing operations.  The separators work best with free oil from runoff and spill containment. Many companies claim that this solution is the best for this application.  The reasons why we don’t agree with them are:

  1. Wash operations use processed water, such as pressurized water, that is more complex.
  2. Processed water contains suspended solids, which makes it difficult to remove with a below ground oil water separator.


The Solution

We recommend an above ground pretreatment system to deal with settlable and suspended solids and dispersed oil in series with various recycke equipment.

By engineering specialized systems and recommending changes, we help companies find more efficient and compliant methods of recycling or reducing industrial and wash waters, waste waters, oils, and solvents.

Our low maintenance, heavy-duty water reclamation systems, clarifying oil water separators, and pressure washing systems will conserve water, reduce your operating costs and satisfy your local and EPA environmental requirements.


Washbay Solutions

Hydro Quip Inc is the Northeast regional branch for Wash Bay Solutions.


  • Closed Loop Recycle Systems
  • Sewer Pre-treatment Systems
  • Clarifier Oil/Water Separators
  • Demucking Systems
  • Pressure Washers


  • Heavy Equipment Washing
  • Truck & Bus Washing
  • Aircraft Washing
  • Forklift Washing
  • Locomotive Washing
  • Marinas