Hopper Above Ground Separators

Double hopper above ground separator with grit chamber.

Hopper Above Ground Separators

Customized single hopper oil water separator installed in a challenging location for a hydroelectric power plant.

Hopper Above Ground Separators

Single hopper oil water separator with ladder and platform.

Hopper Above Ground Separators

Single hopper oil water separator.

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Hopper Oil Water Separators

For the separation of free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil, and collection of settleable solids and DNAPL for removal, Hydro Quip offers above ground oil water separators with hopper chamber that can be customized for your specific application.

All our equipment meets or exceeds API 421 guidelines. The type of material and the type of media are always based on the characteristics of your wastewater.

Hopper Oil Water Separators

Hydro Quip’s Hopper Separators are designed for the separation of free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil and settleable solids. Settleable solids and DNAPL are collected in the hopper chamber for removal.

Hopper Separators with Effluent Pump Out Chamber

For pumping to downstream treatment, we offer an Above Ground model design with an Effluent Pump Out Chamber.

Double Hopper Separator

Starting at a 400 GPM unit, we use a double hopper to help minimize equipment footprint.

We have the flexibility to incorporate any additional design requirements, just ask us.

Equipment Options

  • Relocating pipe fittings for easier installation
  • Provide registered P.E. stamped calculations for Reynolds Number, Stokes Law, seismic, structural and/ or drawings
  • Hinged covers with prop rods for ease of maintenance
  • Double wall construction with interstitial monitoring
  • Oil storage compartments
  • Float switches
  • Immersion heaters
  • Pump packages: Influent, Effluent and Oil/Sludge
  • Leak Detection and Level Indicating Systems
  • Oil Stop Valve
  • Various types of skimmers
  • Sightglass Assemblies


  • Vehicle and Equipment Washing, including for airports, railroads, marine, military, and transportation
  • Vehicle Maintenance, including military; government, federal, state municipalities; transportation
  • Process Water from hazardous waste site remediation; chemicals, plastics and rubber industry; utlity/energy; academic, medical, and research facilities
  • Groundwater Remediation for hazardous waste site remediation; OEMs
  • Superfund Sites from hazardous waste site remediation
  • Grinding and Milling Machinery