Solids Removal

Hydro Quip offers a complete line of products for high-solids wastewater treatment.

All our products are customizable. Size, dimensions, material of construction, plate spacing, and angle of repose can be altered to suit your application. A wide variety of options are also available.

Inclined Plate Clarifiers

Flow rates up to 300 GPM, based on .25 GPM per sq.ft. of projected plate surface area*

Recommended for the precipitation and separation of solids from water. Our design has a series of plates inclined at either 45° or 55°, depending on your specific application.

Mobile Plate Clarifiers

Flow rates up to 200 GPM*

Inclined plate technology designed specifically for use in mobile treatment tanks (Frac Tanks).

Wash Rack Systems

We recommend an above ground pretreatment system to deal with settlable and suspended solids and dispersed oil in series with various recycke equipment.