How We Work with Customers

Hydro Quip provides you with a complete solution, not just equipment.

Our team of product managers helps you arrive at the best solution for meeting your project requirements. Whether we are working with end-users or engineers, we take the time to listen and provide thoughtful feedback. We will work directly with you to identify the proper materials and design configuration for your application.

We have designed and built thousands of water treatment equipment, and bring years of relevant expertise to each new challenge. We are one of the fastest manufacturers in the industry because our expertise is all contained under one roof, and we have mastered the tools and techniques to do the job right. When you work with Hydro Quip, you can avoid the costly delays and markups of typical manufacturing supply chains. Whether you need a custom solution or an off-the-shelf unit right away, Hydro Quip gets it done in less time and saves you money.

Our experience with a variety of wastewater applications and industries helps us understand your priorities. We have designed pre-treatment equipment for stormwater, process water and produced water. Once we know which contaminants are prevalent in your waste stream, we can determine the best separation media and equipment configuration for their targeted removal. We have perfected our techniques for durable, long-lasting construction and easy, safe maintenance. We also have the design flexibility to devise a solution for the most challenging site. Additionally, we can provide performance calculations, seismic and structural analysis, and drawings all signed by a registered professional engineer.

We help you lower your operating costs by paying attention to the right design details; the wrong size, material, or media for the job can impact your unit’s performance and efficiency. We consider these factors – and many more – to save your whole operation money in the long run.

Hydro Quip provides you with a complete solution, not just equipment. We quality check all equipment prior to shipment, and we stand behind our work long after the project is done with one of the best warranties in the industry. Hydro Quip products are continually improving to make necessary maintenance easier and less expensive. Our many repeat customers attest to the long-term benefits of working with Hydro Quip.

Our commitment to providing our customers with innovative engineering makes Hydro Quip a name you can trust to deliver superior results.