High-Efficiency Technology

Not all applications are the same.

Hydro Quip has designed and manufactured thousands of water treatment equipment across a range of applications and industries. We have helped our customers achieve more cost-efficient operations and remain in good standing with the marketplace. Our pioneering use of stainless steel fabrication has opened up new possibilities for system design, and our solutions have been proven to perform more efficiently and consistently over time.

We are innovators in the design of oil water separators, clarifiers, and more. Our units meet European Union performance standard CEN EN-858 – the leading international environmental performance standard – and are built to exacting technical standards (API 421, API 650, UL 1746, UL 142 and UL 58). Our design flexibility allows Hydro Quip equipment to function in a variety of challenging locations, helping our customers lower the cost of their treatment operations – and overall investment.

We can build our units out of stainless steel, carbon steel, fiberglass or polypropylene, depending on the application. Learn about the advantages of these materials.

We have perfected pre-treatment equipment for stormwater, process water and produced water. Our experienced personnel can select the right materials and approach to help you meet your specific discharge requirements. Our proprietary computer software enables us to quickly select the best approach and size it to your requirements for a quicker project turnaround. Our approach helps you put your operation online sooner – and keeps it running longer.

Finally, our work isn’t complete without carefully considering maintenance and long-term performance. Our units have a lower total cost of ownership over time. We design our units to include features for easy, safe, and cost-effective maintenance that traditional units don’t match. We also back up the quality of our materials and workmanship with some of the best warranties in the industry.


Our design leadership, project management, and commitment to serving our customers make Hydro Quip the clear choice for your next project.