NEEP ShallowTray Air Stripper

Low profile air stripper with six trays

NEEP ShallowTray Air Stripper

Three-tray polyethylene cylindrical air stripper

NEEP ShallowTray Air Stripper

Four-tray air stripper in wash facility

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NEEP ShallowTray®
Low Profile Air Strippers

The NEEP ShallowTray®, invented in 1988, was the first low profile air stripper offered to the marketplace. Since then, over 4,000 units have been installed worldwide. The ShallowTray is capable of stripping many different volatile organic contaminants (view list). Over 10,000 analytical tests have been performed on the influent and effluent samples to confirm effective treatment results.

The ShallowTray product line offers a wide variety of size options ranging from one tray to six trays capable of handling a flow rate from 0.5 GPM to 1300 GPM.  Typically, the air stripper is used as a post-treatment process, but could be used as a stand-alone unit if the influent water is free from oil, solids and surfactants. The ShallowTray was designed to be easily maintained and resist fouling. The air strippers are available in molded polyethylene (for the 1300-P and 2300-P series only) or various grades of stainless steel for all models.

The ShallowTray Modeler, a proprietary software program, is used to accurately size the air stripper to your specific application. With this modeler, we can guarantee performance of the air stripper under the conditions specified. No other manufacturer will do this.

Advantages of the NEEP ShallowTray Low Profile Air Stripper:

  • Discreet size designed for smaller places in-doors or outdoors
  • In-place cleaning utilizes cleaning ports with supplied washer wand
  • No removable trays, which require more handling and maintenance time, could create air leaks causing inefficient stripping, and require more consumable parts, such as tray and cover seals.
  • ShallowTray can be operated from 100% hydraulic capacity down to 2% compared to only 40% of packed tower air strippers, which creates more efficient air stripping capabilities.
  • No packing material or diffusers to replace and no additional costs associated with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), making NEEP ShallowTray a more cost-effective and greener solution.
  • Packed tower air strippers require a lot of space, can be placed only outdoors due to size constraints, and require regular total replacement of costly packing media.

Cylindrical Model

Polyethylene cylindrical air strippers are available in the 1300 series (up to 4 trays) and 2300 series (up to 5 trays).

Rectangular Model

Stainless steel low profile air strippers with up to 6 trays.

Equipment Options

  • Air pressure gauge
  • Gravity discharge
  • Steel frame
  • EXP blower motors
  • Discharge and/or feed pump, TEFC or EXP
  • Blower start/stop panel only
  • Main disconnect switch
  • NEMA 4 control panel with level controls for pumps, alarm interlocks, motor starters, relays, alarm light, UL listed
  • Control panel IS components for remote mounted NEMA 4 panel, UL listed
  • Strobe alarm light
  • Alarm horn
  • Low air pressure alarm switch
  • High water level alarm switch
  • Discharge pump level switch
  • Water pressure gauges
  • Air flow meter
  • Temperature gauges
  • Line sampling ports
  • Air blower silencer

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  • Commercial Groundwater
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Equipment Washing
  • Landfills


  • Wastewater
  • Potable water
  • Groundwater