Coalescing Media

The right coalescing media means better results. We offer a variety of options and can identify the most efficient media for your specific wastewater characteristics. All media can be provided in a stainless steel frame assembly (media pack) for easier handling and maintenance.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or simply replace your existing coalescing media, Hydro Quip can help.


HD Q-PAC is different from traditional corrugated type and inclined plate type coalescing media, and has the highest effective coalescing surface of any media on the market.


Hydro Quip’s UNIPACK coalescing media is a cross-fluted type media, which is specially designed to provide highly efficient liquid/liquid and liquid/solid separation due to its high surface area to volume ratio.



Hydro Quip’s UNIPACK-Plus is a corrugated media specially designed to separate a high concentration of settleable and suspended solids in oily water.