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Deferum Iron Removal System

Dissolved iron can present significant problems for water treatment. Once it reaches the equipment, the dissolved iron oxidizes and clogs the system, decreasing equipment efficiency and causing costly maintenance and downtime. Hydro Quip offers a low maintenance, pretreatment solution to prevent iron from fouling your equipment – lowering your total cost of ownership.

Treated water may be pumped to another stage of treatment, such as an air stripper or clarifier. For treating both oil and iron in water, Hydro Quip is developing a solution to use the Deferum Iron Removal System for post-treatment, in conjunction with a clarification separator.

Other contaminants are also reduced or removed during the treatment process. The aerator/degasifier reduces or removes dissolved gasses like hydrogen sulphide, free carbon dioxide, and radon. The filter media reduces other contaminants, such as suspended and colloidal solids.

Iron Removal Filtering Process

  1. Raw water enters the system through the aerator-degasifier, where the dissolved iron gets oxidized and precipitates out, and dissolved gasses are reduced or removed.
  2. Water continues to flow down the hydro-robot and into the filter tank body.
  3. Once the water enters the tank, it will flow upwards towards the floating filter media where the precipitated iron is trapped, along with other contaminants.
  4. The now treated water will continue to flow upwards and exit the unit through the discharge pipe. This water may be pumped to another stage of treatment, such as an air stripper.

Iron Removal Backwash Process

  1. As the floating filter media gets saturated, the water level in the hydro-robot rises. This will automatically trigger the self-regulating backwash process.
  2. Treated water above the media drops down, expands and scrubs the filtering bed, flushing out the accumulated iron.
  3. When the treated backwash water level reaches a pre-set level, the backwash process stops and commissions the filtering process again.
  4. The backwash water is gravity discharged from the bottom of the tank and disposed per your local regulations..


  • Removes up to 75ppm of dissolved iron
  • No chemical reagents
  • Does not require electricity to operate
  • Does not require an operator
  • Adjusts to changing contaminant levels
  • No consumable parts that need to be replaced frequently
  • Filter media has a life-span of 25 years
  • Utilizes a backwash function that self cleans the filter media without using any additional external water


Why a self-cleaning backwash system?

  • Less than 3% of the total volume of water is required for the process
  • Based on gravity force and different water levels
  • Self-regulating and little downtime

Water Samples at Various Stages of Treatment

In the above example, the unfiltered raw water has an iron content of >20 ppm. The filtered water contains less than 0.3 ppm of iron, which is drinking water quality iron level parameter.